M3 Production

“I love the Big Ass Light LEDs. You can tell what a huge difference the fixtures make – it’s real easy to see. They are so much brighter than the dim fluorescent lights, and we save a lot on our operating costs, too.” 
– Danny Allen, Vice President of Operations, M3 Production


M3 Production transformed a 2,750-sq-metre warehouse into a start-up injection molding plant, but the facility’s fluorescent lighting posed some major problems. For starters, the fixtures ran hot, which only added to the plant’s already significant heat load from its manufacturing processes. Worse, the fluorescent fixtures didn’t produce enough light, which M3’s technicians need for quality control. In addition, the new facility’s break area also was stuffy, providing workers with little comfort. Looking to boost the safety, accuracy and productivity of its employees, M3’s management turned to Big Ass Solutions.


Big Ass Solutions installed 48 LED fixtures and a 4.3m Powerfoil®X2.0 fan, filling M3 Production’s facility with brilliant light and cooling breezes. Because of Big Ass Solutions’ direct sales model, M3 was able to get state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LEDs and an industrial fan that sets the world standard for airflow without the expense and headache of working through middlemen. Now, M3’s employees enjoy a brightly lit and comfortable workplace. The LEDs lower the building’s heat load while providing vivid illumination, improving the operation’s overall quality and productivity. Now M3 is looking forward to reaping the benefits of lower energy use and reduced operating costs.

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